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James Groppi

Father Groppi speaking in Assembly chamber

James Groppi (Wikipedia)

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"City with a Chance" by Frank Aukofer

"James Groppi: Civil Rights Activist" by Carole Marsh



Interesting Fact:

The demonstrations in the state Assembly chambers resulted in 25 arrests, including the Rev. James Groppi.

Study Questions:

  • Where did the welfare protesters march?
  • Who is Fr. James Groppi? What happened to him after 1969?
  • Did the protest result in improvements to the welfare system? Explain your answer.

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 29:

    1982: Seven Chicago-area people die after taking tylenol that is laced with poison.

  • September 29

    September 29, 1969: Several thousand welfare rights supporters led by Fr. James Groppi occupied the Assembly chamber. The occupation was the culmination of a week-long march by welfare recipients protesting cuts made in their living allowances.

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