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"Black Settlers in Rural Wisconsin" by Zachary Cooper



Interesting Fact:

Wisconsin was a part of the Michigan Territory in 1835 when a census showed there were 91 blacks, 27 which were listed as slaves.

Study Questions:

  • If Oliver could vote in 1835, why couldn't Blacks vote later?
  • What was the election for in 1835?
  • What is Oliver's history? What happened to him after 1835?

    Search these newspaper databases for additional stories Joe Oliver:

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  • Wisconsin Historical Society

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 17:

    1787: The final draft of the U.S. Constitution is completed and signed by delegates.
    1862: The Civil War Battle of Antietam takes place.

  • September 17

    September 17, 1835: Joe Oliver became the first Black to vote in Wisconsin. Oliver, a cook for Solomon Juneau, was one of 39 people who voted in the first election in the town of Milwaukee.

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