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Time Line: A Brief History of the Fur Trade

John Jacob Astor

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"Furs by Astor" by John Upton Terrell

"The First in the Wilderness" by David Sievert Lavender



Interesting Fact:

From 1829 to 1831, the American Fur Company handled, on average, 708,000 furs each year.

Study Questions:

  • What were the conditions that caused the American Fur Company to declare bankruptcy?
  • What was the primary fur trapped in Wisconsin?
  • Why did the fur trading industry eventually die out in Wisconsin?

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    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 10:

    1608: John Smith is elected president of the Jamestown Colony Council.
    1813: The U.S. naval force commanded by Oliver Perry defeats the British in the Battle of Lake Erie.
    1955: Gunsmoke premiers on television.
    1963: Twenty black students attend public school in Alabama.

  • September 10

    September 10, 1842: The American Fur Company declared bankruptcy.

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