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Interesting Fact:

The University of Wisconsin's football stadium, Camp Randall, is named after Gov. Alexander Randall.

Study Questions:

  • What were the primary issues facing Randall while he was governor of Wisconsin?
  • What was Randall's stance on slavery?
  • Who did Randall defeat in the 1857 govenor's election? Who was the lieutenant governor while Randall was governor?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 31:

    1864: Nevada becomes the 36th state.

  • October 31

    Wisconsin's Governors:

    Alexander Randall, the sixth governor of Wisconsin, was born in New York state in 1819. He began a law practice in Waukesha in 1840 where he was also postmaster. He was a member of the 1947 convention which created the state constitution. In 1855 Randall was elected to the Assembly and was elected governor in 1857. He served two terms, the second during the start of the Civil War. He declared at once the loyalty of Wisconsin to the Union. After his second term, President Lincoln appointed Randall to the post of Minister to Italy. He ended his public career as U.S. Postmaster General. Died: July 25, 1872.

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