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Interesting Fact:

The ship was named the "Wisconsin" when built, but had its name changed four times before being renamed "Wisconsin" again in 1924.

Study Questions:

  • What caused the "Wisconsin" to sink?
  • What port had the "Wisconsin" left, and where was the ship headed?
  • What other tragedies took place on Lake Michigan that fall?

    Search these newspaper databases for additional stories about major shipwrecks in Lake Michigan:

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  • Wisconsin Historical Society

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 29:

    1929: "Black Tuesday" hits the New York Stock Exchange, signaling the start of the Great Depression.
    1966: The National Organization of Women is founded.

  • October 29

    October 29, 1929: The steamship "Wisconsin" sank in Lake Michigan. Early reports state that nine people are killed but later it is confirmed that 16 crew members died in the accident.

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