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Milk Strikes, 1933

Wisconsin Milk Strike 1933

1933 Wisconsin Milk Strike (Wikipedia)

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"The History of Wisconsin: War, a New Era, and Depression, 1914-1940" by Paul W. Glad

"Mapping the Farm: The Chronicle of a Family" by John Hildebrand


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Interesting Fact:

The October strike resulted in 2,500 National Guard members being activated. One man was killed during the four week strike.

Study Questions:

  • Why were the farmers striking?
  • Was the strike statewide or were there only small areas of unrest?
  • What was the economic situation for all of Wisconsin in 1933?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 21:

    1797: The U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, or Old Ironsides, is launched in Boston Harbor.
    1879: Thomas Edison invents a workable electric light.

  • October 21

    October 21, 1933: The National Farm Holiday Association called for a milk strike, the third major milk strike of the year. Violence was involved in all the strikes, with cheese factory bombings, milk dumping and shootings. The third strike lost momentum in early November.

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