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Wisconsin Historical Society

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"Historical Society: What's Good About Wisconsin," The Capital Times, July 12, 1996

"It Took A Pack Rat to Put Historical Society On The Map," Wisconsin State Journal, June 9, 1996

"For Old News, Historical Society Unrivaled," Wisconsin State Journal, March 16, 1992



Interesting Fact:

The Library and Archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society has the largest collection, other than the Library of Congress, of published and unpublished material representing the history of North America.

Study Questions:

  • Where is the Historical Society located?
  • What various materials does the Historical Society collect?
  • When was the Historical Society formed?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 19:

    1781: The British, under Lord Cornwallis, surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, helping to bring the American Revolution to an end.

  • October 19

    October 19, 1900: The State Historical Society building was formally dedicated on this date. The Society was moved on October 2 from the state Capitol building to its present location at 816 State Street in Madison.

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