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Territory to Statehood

Wisconsin Enters the Union

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"James K. Polk, Eleveth President of the U.S." by Dee Lillegard

"The Thirtieth Star" by Edgar G. Doudna



Interesting Fact:

Wisconsin was the last state to be organized from the land comprising the Northwest Territory.

Study Questions:

  • What were the major changes when Wisconsin went from a territory to a state? What were the benefits of becoming a state?
  • Was there an election right away or did the territorial governor assume the role as state governor?
  • Were there any celebrations in Wisconsin on May 29, 1848? If so, where were they held and what were they like?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on May 29:

    1765: Patrick Henry denounces the Stamp Act.
    1790: Rhode Island ratifies the U.S. Constitution.

  • May 29

    May 29, 1848: President James Polk signed the bill accepting the state constitution, admitting Wisconsin into the Union as the 30th state.

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