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"Spitting suspect promises protests" Wisconsin State Journal, April 1, 1976

"Senate condemns city's 'thugs'" Wisconsin State Journal, April 1, 1976

"Masel guilty of assault in spitting on Jackson" Wisconsin State Journal, October 15, 1976



Interesting Fact:

The same day Jackson was assaulted, another presidential candidate, George Wallace, was heckled by protesters in Madison while they pushed wheelchairs and wore masks resembling Arthur Bremer, the man who shot and paralyzed Wallace.

Study Questions:

  • Who won the Wisconsin presidential primary in 1976?
  • Who was the protester and what was he purpose?
  • What state did Jackson represent as a senator?

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    U.S. historical events that occurred on March 30:

    1867: William Seward, the Secretary of State, reaches an agreement with the Russians to purchase Alaska. The deal becomes known as Seward's Folly.

  • March 30

    March 30, 1976: During a Wisconsin presidential primary campaign stop in Madison, Sen. Henry 'Scoop' Jackson was spat upon by a protester.

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