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Interesting Fact:

Scofield was elected governor in 1896, defeating his closest opponent by nearly 100,000 votes.

Study Questions:

  • What political issues did Scofield face during his two terms as governor?
  • What were Robert La Follette's complaints with Scofield?
  • Why is Scofield's cow well known in Wisconsin political history?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on March 28:

    1979: An accident occurs at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

  • March 28

    Wisconsin Governors

    March 28, 1842: Edward Scofield, Wisconsin's 19th governor, was born in Clearfield, Pennsylvania on this date. He was a printer's apprentice as a young man and enlisted in the Civil War, rising to the rank of Major. In 1868 Scofield moved to Oconto, Wisconsin where he became a foreman in a lumber mill. He established the firm of Edward Scofield and Company in 1890. Scofield served in the state Senate before being elected governor in 1896. His business-like approach in office allowed him to serve two terms. It was under his administration that the militant progressivism under La Follette's leadership became triumphant. Died: February 3, 1925.

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