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Interesting Fact:

Lucey started a real estate business in Madison in 1954.

Study Questions:

  • What political party did Patrick Lucey belong to?
  • What were the major issues Lucey faced while govenor?
  • What other former Wisconsin governors have served as ambassadors or foreign ministers?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on March 21:

    1965: Civil rights marchers in Alabama begin their protest trek from Selma to Montgomery, led by Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • March 21

    Wisconsin's Governors
    Patrick Lucey, Wisconsin's 38th governor, was born in La Crosse on March 21, 1918. He attended St. Thomas College and managed his father's grocery store. He joined the army during World War II and reached the rank of Captain. After the war, Lucey managed 14 farms in southwestern Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin. He entered politics in 1948 when elected to the Assembly. Lucey was elected governor in 1970, becoming the first governor elected to a four-year term. He was re-elected in 1974 and served until July 1977 when he resigned to become U.S. ambassador to Mexico. Lucey was the vice-president candidate with John Anderson during the 1980 presidential election.

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