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Hortonville Teachers'Strike (WEAC)

Milestones in Wisconsin Labor History

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Wisconsin State Journal, "Striking Teachers Joined by Soglin" April 19, 1974

Wisconsin State Journal, "A Bitter Pill in Hortonville" June 9, 1974



Interesting Fact:

During the first five weeks of the Hortonville strike, 71 people were arrested.

Study Questions:

  • What other teachers strikes occurred in Wisconsin during the early 1970's?
  • What were the reasons the Hortonville teachers and school board failed to agree?
  • How quickly was the Hortonville School Board able to fill the teacher vacancies and to resume classes?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on March 15:

    1820: Maine becomes the 23rd state admitted to the Union.
    1913: President Woodrow Wilson holds the first presidential news conference.

  • March 15

    March 15, 1974: The Hortonville School Board and teachers failed to agree on a contract. The teachers voted to strike on March 18 with the board responding by firing 84 teachers on April 2. The board's action was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 17, 1976.

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