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Tornadoes of the 20th Century

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Newspaper clippings or microfilm from the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times (June 1984)



Interesting Fact:

The violent tornado that destroyed Barneveld continued heading northeast into Black Earth and finally dissipated southeast of Lodi.

Study Questions:

  • On the Fujita scale, how large was the Barneveld tornado?
  • In terms of deaths, where does the Barneveld tornado rank in Wisconsin history?
  • In newspaper articles, find how Barneveld has rebounded and grown since 1984.

    U.S. historical events that occurred on June 8:

    1967: The U.S. Navy ship Liberty is attacked by Israeli forces, killing 34 Americans.

  • June 8

    June 8, 1984: A devastating tornado hit Barneveld killing nine people and causing $10.5 million in damage. The tornado traveled from Belmont to Black Earth, causing a total of $26 million in damage.

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