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The New Richmond Tornado

1899 New Richmond Tornado

Scores die in wake of New Richmond storm

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"New Richmond twister not forgotten," Wisconsin State Journal, June 12, 1988

"Wisconsin's Deadliest Tornado Recalled 100 Years Later," Wisconsin State Journal, June 8, 1999

"Tornadoes in Wisconsin," Wisconsin Magazine of History, v. 73, no. 4 (1989-1990)


Fujita rank

Interesting Fact:

Over 300 buildings were damaged or destroyed during the "Circus Day Tornado."

Study Questions:

  • What are the worst natural disasters in Wisconsin in terms of deaths?
  • Why was the death count so high for the "Circus Day Tornado?"
  • In modern terms, what do scientists estimate the Fujita rank was for the "Circus Day Tornado?"

    U.S. historical events that occurred on June 12:

    1838: The Iowa Territory is organized.
    1939: The National Baseball Hall of Fame is dedicated.
    1963: Civil Rights leader Medgar Evans is shot and killed in front of his home in Jackson, Mississippi.

  • June 12

    June 12, 1899: Wisconsin's worst tornado, known as the "Circus Day Tornado" because it arrived the same day as the circus, ripped through New Richmond's Main Street killing 117 people.

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