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History of Ice Cream Sundae

Two Rivers Historical Society

Birthplace of the Ice Cream Sundae

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"Ice Cream: Including Great Moments in Ice Cream History" by Jules Older and Lyn Severance.



Interesting Fact:

The ice cream concoction, at first, was only served on Sundays.

Study Questions:

  • Why was it not allowed to sell ice cream sodas on Sunday?
  • Before 1881, how long had ice cream been sold commercially?
  • What is a soda fountain?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 8:

    1889: The Wall Street Journal was first published.
    1907: The first Ziegfeld Follies is performed.

  • July 8

    July 8, 1881: Edward C. Berner, druggist and owner of a soda fountain in Two Rivers, was asked by a customer to pour chocolate sauce over a dish of ice cream since it was not allowed to serve ice cream sodas on Sunday. Berner obliged, creating the first ice cream sundae. The ice cream treat cost a nickel.

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