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Interesting Fact:

Ludington's lumber business owned large tracts of timber land in the upper penninsula of Michigan, Louisiana and Texas.

Study Questions:

  • What were the primary issues that Ludington dealt with while governor of Wisconsin?
  • Did Ludington attempt a second term or did he decide against a re-election campaign?
  • Who was Ludington's opponent during the 1875 governor election? To what party did Ludington belong?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 30:

    1945: The USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine, killing over 800 men on board.

  • July 30

    Wisconsin's Governors

    July 30, 1818: Harrison Ludington, Wisconsin's 13th governor, was born July 30, 1818 in Ludingville, New York. He moved to Milwaukee in 1838 where he and his uncle purchased the business of the pioneer merchant Solomon Juneau. In 1851, Ludington turned his interests to lumbering, becoming a world leader in lumber manufacturing. He served as a Milwaukee city councilman and mayor. His business and political experiences with his immense popularity in the Milwaukee area brought Ludington the nomination for governor in 1875. He served for only one term. Died: June 17, 1891.

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