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Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer - Crime Museum

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"Massacre in Milwaukee" by Richard Jaeger and M. William Balousek

"Of Men and Monsters: Jeffrey Dahmer and the Construction of the Serial Killer" by Richard Tithecott



Interesting Fact:

The apartment building where Jeffrey Dahmer killed his victims was demolished in 1992. The group that owned the Oxford Apartments said the building was destroyed out of respect for the families of the 17 victims.

Study Questions:

  • What was Dahmer's sentence handed down by the court in February 1992?
  • What is the definition of a serial killer?
  • Who is the other well-known Wisconsin serial killer?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 23:

    1715: The authorization is given for the construction of the first lighthouse in America.
    1950: "The Gene Autry Show" debuts.

  • July 23

    July 23, 1991: Milwaukee officials confirmed that parts or all of 11 bodies were recovered in the apartment of Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer was arrested on July 22 and found guilty in 1992 of murdering 15 young men and boys. Dahmer was killed on Nov. 28, 1994, by a fellow prisoner while an inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution.

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