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Wisconsin Involvement in the Civil War

Pvt George C. Drake

Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, 1861-1865

Wisconsin in the Civil War

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"Wisconsin in the Civil War" by Frank L. Klement



Interesting Fact:

More Wisconsin soldiers died of disease than those who died from wounds received in battle.

Study Questions:

  • In what regiment was George Drake assigned?
  • How many casualties did Wisconsin suffer in the Civil War?
  • What was the outcome of the skirmish at Falling Waters?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 2:

    1881: President James Garfield is shot by Charles Guiteau and dies the next day.
    1937: Female aviator Amelia Earhart along with navigator Fred Noonan disappear over the Pacific while attempting a around-the-world flight.
    1964: President Lyndon Johnson signs into law a major Civil Rights bill.

  • July 2

    July 2, 1861: Private George Drake, 19, of Milwaukee, became the first Wisconsin casualty in the Civil War. He was killed during a skirmish at Falling Waters, Virginia. Drake's dying word was "Mother!"

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