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Nation's First Equal Rights Bill Passed in 1921 in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Passes the Nation's First Equal Rights Bill

The Search for Equality in Wisconsin

The Equal Rights Amendment

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"Wisconsin Legal History" by Joseph Ranney

"Wisconsin Women" by Wisconsin Historical Society

"The Story of Wisconsin Women" by Ruth Miriam De Young Kohler

"On Wisconsin Women: Working for the Rights from Settlement to Suffrage" by Genevieve McBride


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Interesting Fact:

A national Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in 1923, still has not been ratified by the necessary 35 states.

Study Questions:

  • What did the Wisconsin equal rights bill allow women to do?
  • What did Gov. John Blaine have to say about the Women's Rights bill?
  • Who were some of the women behind the fight for equal rights in Wisconsin during the first part of the twentieth century?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 11:

    1804: Vice-President Aaron Burr shoots former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a pistol duel. Hamilton dies the next day.

  • July 11

    July 11, 1921: Wisconsin became the first state in the country where women had equal rights with men under civil laws as Governor John Blaine signed the Women's Rights bill.

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