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Interesting Fact:

Approximately 11 million cars were built at the Kenosha factory since it was converted into an auto plant in 1902.

Study Questions:

  • When did Chrysler first move to Kenosha?
  • What was the effect on Kenosha when the plant closed?
  • What is the history of auto manufacturing in Kenosha?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 27:

    1967: Three astronauts are killed in a fire aboard the Apollo I while it sat on the lauchpad.
    1973: The Vietnam peace accords is signed.

  • January 27

    January 27, 1988: The Chrysler Corp. announced plans to close its Kenosha assembly plant. The shutdown put 5,500 employees out of work, ten percent of Kenosha County's labor force.

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