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"Danbury Diamond Anniversary History, 1912-1987" by Dick Riis



Interesting Fact:

The coldest recorded temperature in Madison was 37 degrees below zero on January 30, 1951.

Study Questions:

  • If the wind was 15 miles per hour in Danbury on January 24, 1922, what would the wind chill have been that day?
  • What was the low temperature on the day you were born?
  • What is the coldest recorded temperature in the continental United States?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 24:

    1848: Gold is discovered in California at Sutter's Mill.

  • January 24

    January 24, 1922: A temperature of 54 degrees below zero is recorded in Danbury. This is the coldest recorded temperature in Wisconsin until 1996 when a new record of 55 below is set in Courderay.

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