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Alexian Brothers' Novitiate

Report on the Menominee at Termination, 1958

Menominee History

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"Takeover Backers Cite Treaties," Wisconsin State Journal, Jan. 6, 1975

"Guard Called for Indians," Wisconsin State Journal, Jan. 7, 1975

"Abbey Siege Over; Indians Taken to Jail," Wisconsin State Journal, Feb. 4, 1975



Interesting Fact:

The original complex, built in 1940 by a wealthy New York widow for her ailing daughter, had 20 rooms and was built in the Georgian-style architecture.

Study Questions:

  • Why did the Menominee Warrior Society want the novitiate property?
  • What happend to the five members of the Warrior Society after they were charged?
  • What became of the Alexian Brothers Novitiate?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 18:

    1943: During World War II, the U.S. bans the sale of sliced bread.

  • January 18

    January 18, 1975: Forty-four members of the Menominee Warrior Society, who took over the Alexian Brothers Novitiate near Gresham on January 1, demanded amnesty and clear title to the property. They were denied their request. The Menominee Warriors had traded gunfire with police on January 4, prompting Gov. Patrick Lucey to order a battalion of National Guard troops to assume all control of security and negotiations. The takeover ended on February 4 when five members of the Menominee Warrior Society were charged with armed robbery and burglary.

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