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18th Amendment

Brewing and Prohibition

Brewing and Prohibition

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"The Noble Experiment, 1919-1933" by James Barry

"Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America" by Edward Behr

"The Eighteenth and Twenty-first Amendments" by Eileen Lucas

"The end of the roaring twenties" by Bill Severn



Interesting Fact:

During prohibition, some Wisconsin breweries manufactured near beer while others changed to soft drinks, cheese or ice cream.

Study Questions:

  • Why would the Eighteenth Amendment close so many breweries and taverns? How many employees were affected by the closings?
  • Wisconsin ratified the amendment in 1919. When did the amendment go into effect?
  • What was the Anti-Saloon League and what was its role in ratifying the Eighteenth Amendment?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 16:

    1944: Gen. Dwight Eisenhower takes command of the Allied Invasion Force in London during World War II.
    1991: Operation Desert Storm, the war against Iraq, begins (the time in Iraq is Jan. 17)

  • January 16

    January 16, 1919: Wisconsin ratified the National Prohibition Amendment. The Eighteenth Amendment would close nearly 10,000 saloons and 137 breweries in Wisconsin.

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