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Interesting Fact:

Sixteen servant girls were rescued from the Newhall House when F.F. Hermann Strauss carried them to a building next door by crawling over a 20-foot ladder six floors above the alley.

Study Questions:

  • Where did the fire start in the Newhall House and how did it spread?
  • Have there been other Wisconsin fires that claimed more lives? Where and when did the fires occur?
  • What is the worst fire in the U.S. in terms of deaths?

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    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 10:

    1776: "Common Sense," written by Thomas Paine was published.
    1870: Standard Oil is incorporated, headed by John D. Rockefeller.

  • January 10

    January 10, 1883: The Newhall House in Milwaukee burned, killing 71. Included among the people rescued was General Tom Thumb of P.T. Barnum circus.

    January 10, 1883 The (Milwaukee) Daily Journal

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