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"The University of Wisconsin, 1848-1924" by Merle Curti and Vernon Carstensen

"Little stories of the first century of a great university: 1848-1948" by Robert Foss



Interesting Fact:

The students were expected to buy their own food, furniture and straw to fill their mattresses.

Study Questions:

  • How many buildings were on the University of Wisconsin campus in 1849?
  • What courses were taught during the first year?
  • Why weren't women admitted as students for the first 16 years?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on February 5:

    1934: Home run king Hank Aaron is born.
    1937: President Franklin Roosevelt proposes increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

  • February 5

    February 5, 1849: The University of Wisconsin offered classes for the first time. Seventeen men from the Madison area were the first students to enroll. Women were not admitted until 1866.

    February 6, 1849 The Argus

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