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Interesting Fact:

The city of Oshkosh was without electricity for one week due to the storm.

Study Questions:

  • On a Wisconsin map, locate the area of central part of the state that was hit the hardest by the storm.
  • Was your community affected by the 1922 storm. If so, find local history accounts that report on the storm.
  • How would you be affected today if an ice storm knocked out the electricity in your community for one week?

    Search these newspaper databases for additional stories about ice storms in Wisconsin:

  • Newspapers on BadgerLink
  • Wisconsin Historical Society

    U.S. historical events that occurred on February 22:

    1732: George Washington is born in 1732.
    1819: Florida become part of the United States as part of a treaty with Spain.
    1879: The first Woolworth's store opens.

  • February 22

    February 22, 1922: A destructive ice storm hit central Wisconsin covering the region in two inches of ice.

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