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The Father of Modern Dairying

Hoard, William Dempster, 1836-1918

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Interesting Fact:

In 1890, the nation's first dairy school is created at the University of Wisconsin.

Study Questions:

  • What were some of the reasons why Wisconsin farmers moved to dairying?
  • What was the purpose of the Wisconsin Dairyman's Association?
  • Where does Wisconsin rank today in dairy production?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on February 15:

    1898: The U.S. battleship Maine blows up in the harbor at Havana, Cuba, killing 260 crew members.
    1933: The mayor of Chicago, Anton J. Cermak, is shot in Miami and dies several weeks later. President-elect Franklin Roosevelt narrowly escapes the assassin's bullets.

  • February 15

    February 15, 1872: The Wisconsin Dairymen's Association was organized in Watertown at the suggestion of W.D. Hoard. The formation of the association marked the start of commercial dairying as a serious farm enterprise in Wisconsin. By 1915, Wisconsin was the leading dairy state in the nation.

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