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"The Swiss of New Glarus" by Kim Tschudy

"New Glarus' First 100 Years" by Mirian Barbara Theiler

"New Glarus 1845-1970: The Making of a Swiss Town" edited by Leo Schelbert

"Diary of One of the Origianl Colonists of New Glarus, 1845" by Mathias Duerst

"The Planting of the Swiss Colony at New Glarus, Wis." by John Luchsinger



Interesting Fact:

The colonists had an arduous journey with the last leg being on a riverboat from St. Louis to Galena, Illinois, and then on foot for the last 60 miles.

Study Questions:

  • How many Swiss immigrated to Wisconsin during the 19th century?
  • Why was the community named New Glarus?
  • Find New Glarus on a map. Describe the topography in the New Glarus area.

    Search these newspaper databases for additional stories about the Swiss in Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin State Journal/The Capital Times
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • BadgerLink Wisconsin Newsstand
  • Wisconsin Historical Society

    U.S. historical events that occurred on August 16:

    1812: Detroit is taken by the British and Indian forces during the War of 1812.
    1977: Music legend Elvis Presley dies.

  • August 16

    August 16, 1845: The first Swiss colony was established in Wisconsin at New Glarus.

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