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Interesting Fact:

While Salomon was governor during the Civil War, three of his brothers were fighting in the war.

Study Questions:

  • Where is Prussia and what was the Battle of Waterloo?
  • Did Salomon refuse to run for re-electioin in 1863 or was he defeated in the governor's race?
  • What were Salomon's major successes while in the governor's office?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on August 11:

    1909: The SOS signal is used for the first time by an American ship.
    1965: The Watts riots broke out in Los Angeles.

  • August 11

    Wisconsin's Governors

    Edward Salomon, Wisconsin's eighth governor, was born on August 11, 1830 in Prussia. His father fought in the battle of Waterloo. Salomon came to Wisconsin in 1849, settling in Manitowoc. He entered the field of law and began a practice in Milwaukee. Salomon was elected lieutenant governor in 1861 but was quickly made governor with the tragic death of Governor Louis Harvey. He organized 14 new regiments of Wisconsin infantry and carried into effect the state draft, the only state in which such a measure was enforced without bloodshed. Salomon served only one term and moved to New York in 1869. In 1894, Salomon retired to Germany. Died: April 21, 1909.

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