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Earthquakes Felt in Wisconsin

March 2012: An earthquake near Clintonville in Waupaca County, estimated at a magnitude of 1.5, rattled windows throughout the county.

February 2010: A 4.3 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter 48 miles northwest of Chicago rattled much of southern Wisconsin. Tremors were felt in Rock and Iowa counties.

April 2008: An earthquake, estimated at a magnitude of 5.2 and centered in southeastern Illinois, shook much of the Midwest around 4:37 a.m. on April 18 and was felt in most of southern Wisconsin, including Madison.

June 2004: An earthquake of 4.1 magnitude centered about 70 miles southwest of Chicago was felt in Madison and as far north as central Wisconsin, but did no damage.

January 1986: An earthquake with a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale centered 30 miles northeast of Cleveland, Ohio, was felt in nine states, including Wisconsin, and Canada.

April 1974: Tremors were felt in Wisconsin as a result of a 4.75 earthquake centered in southern Illinois.

September 1972: Tremors and slight damage in southern Wisconsin were caused by a 3.75 earthquake with the epicenter south of Dixon, Ill.

November 1968: The strongest central U.S. earthquake of the twentieth century, measuring 5.3, was centered in south central Illinois. Tremors were felt in southern Wisconsin stretching from La Crosse to Portage to Port Washington.

August 1947: A moderate earthquake centered in Michigan was felt in Wisconsin from as far north as Medford to the southeast corner of the state.

May 1947: An earthquake centered in Lake Michigan near the Wisconsin shore just south of Milwaukee caused minor damage and was felt from Sheboygan to Waukesha to the Illinois border.

November 1939: A southern Illinois earthquake was felt in southern Wisconsin.

March 1937: Two strong earthquakes near Anna, Ohio, on March 2 and 8, are felt in Wisconsin, only the second being felt in Madison.

November 1935: Most of eastern Wisconsin felt tremors from a strong Canadian earthquake.

February 1925: A major earthquake centered in the St. Lawrence River in Quebec was felt in scattered areas of Wisconsin.

April 1919: An earthquake centered in eastern Missouri sent tremors in a broad area from Wisconsin to Mississippi. Two short tremors are felt in Madison.

January 1912: Madison and Milwaukee reported tremors from a central Illinois earthquake.

May 1909: An earthquake centered in northern Illinois near Beloit breaks windows and chimneys. Pendulum clocks in Madison stop because of the tremors.

August 1886: A strong earthquake centered near Charleston, South Carolina, was felt as far away as Beloit, Janesville and Milwaukee.