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Wisconsin Aviation Accidents

List of worst aviation disasters in Wisconsin

August 29, 1948

Northwest Airlines Martin 2-0-2 crashes near Fountain City, 37 killed.

September 6, 1985

A Midwest Express DC-9 crashes after takeoff from Milwaukee's Mitchell Field, killing 31.

June 29, 1972

A North Central Airlines Convair collides with an Air Wisconsin de Havilland Otter over Lake Winnegabo, killing 13.

November 16, 1987

A King Air B2000 crashed into a wooded ridge three miles northwest of Fort Atkinson, klling all eight all passengers and the pilot. The plane was headed for a meeting at the Perry Printing Co. in Baraboo.

December 10, 1967

A Twin engine plane crashes into Lake Monona, killing 7, including musician Otis Redding.

November 6, 1969

A Lear Jet 23A headed for Racine from Benton Harbor, Michigan, crashes, killing seven.

August 18, 1990

A single-engine airplane crashes during the night after taking off from an unattended Watertown airport and lays undetected for an estimated 10 hours. The seven victims are members of a Hmong refugee family attending a birthday gathering.

February 3, 1991

An airplane, a Cessna 182, on a skydiving expedition collided with a Piper PA-28-140 over this rural community about a mile south of the Osceola airport, killing all seven people in the two planes.

October 3, 1969

A Piper PA-32 crashes near Bruce, Wis., killing 6.

September 25, 1971

A Beech 95-B55 crashes in Milwaukee during takeoff at Billy Mitchell Field, killing 6.

September 21, 1973

A private plane crashes in Florence County, 6 killed.

April 17, 1979

A Cessna 210 crashes at the Cable airport, 6 killed.

December 10, 1993

A military tanker plane caught fire and exploded at Mitchell International Airport, killing six ground crew members. The Air National Guard KC-135 was being serviced at the section of the airport where the National Guard's 128th Refueling Group is based.

May 1, 1973

A Beech 65-A90 crashes on its approach to the Racine airport in foggy weather, killing five.

August 27, 1990

A Bell BHT Helicopter crashes in the fog soon after takeoff near the Alpine Valley Music Theater, killing 5, including blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan.

April 1, 1993

A twin-engine turboprop crashes behind some houses just off a main highway between Bristol and Blountville. Alan Kulwicki, winner of the 1992 Winston Cup driving championship, was among five people killed.